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Single-page Websites vs Multi-page Websites: Which Should I Go For?

Single-page websites are becoming extremely popular in recent years because they are unique and responsive. On the other hand, multi-page websites are dubbed as the “traditional” and most commonly used type of website amongst businesses.

Single-Page Websites vs Multi-Page Websites Which Should I Go For. - Shan

Why is Wireframing Important in Web Design?

In the early stages of learning web design, I’ve always dived right into figuring out the design (e.g. colours, fonts, images) of the website.

How Can I Overcome Creative Blocks?

Many of you would have had creative blocks at least once in your life, and its not a pleasant experience. Recently, I was in a

The Importance of a Responsive Web Design

Have you come across websites that look perfectly fine on laptop screens but extremely messy and out of place on mobile? I’ve met my fair

Staying Motivated and Productive During the Pandemic

Are you having trouble with finding motivation to stay productive during this pandemic? The sudden change in our normal routine of going out without masks,

The Fundamentals of User Experience (UX) Design

Hello again! It has been a while since my last post. Previously, I shared how I knew I wanted to work as a freelance web designer

How I Knew I Wanted to Work as a Freelance Web Designer

Hey there! If you’re reading this right now, you probably searched for things like “freelance web designer”, “web designer” or “web design” on Google.

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