Firdaus Syazwani

Overview of Project

Firdaus Syazwani, also known as Fur, is a freelance SEO Specialist providing SEO and WordPress Web Development in Singapore since 2019.


The Solution

The New Look

Fur wanted the colour blue to be a part of his new look for his website. Dark blue was out of the picture because it gave off a corporate vibe. Light blue was perfect – gentle on the eyes, exudes trustworthiness and reliability.

Most importantly, it is a very welcoming and friendly colour which represented Fur’s personality. Orange is the main colour for CTAs and links.
Portfolio. Firdaus Syazwani. The New Look. - Shan
Portfolio. Firdaus Syazwani. Tools Page. - Shan

Tools Page

The new tools page features all of Fur’s recommended tools. The page is divided into 3 main categories of tools namely – Website Setup, Website Optimisation & SEO Tools.

The details of each tool are also broken up into different sections using an accordion. Previously, they were presented in long paragraphs that make the page look daunting. The new layout makes viewing much easier on the eye.

The Result

Portfolio. Firdaus Syazwani. The Result. - Shan

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