The Health Junkies

Overview of Project

This project was done to show potential clients my UI/UX design skills. The goal was to create a vibrant, fun, user-friendly podcast web design for a fictional podcaster duo – Beatrice & Kenneth, based in Singapore, who help figure out the secret formula to a healthier life. I was approached by a potential client to design a simple web design for his new podcast. Though the deal fell through, I thought it would be great to explore something I have yet to try. I drew inspiration from various podcast websites, mainly the important elements my design should include, and re-created one.


The Solution

Colour Scheme

Instead of going with the usual three-colour combination, I made a bold attempt to incorporate six colours to bring out the vibrant and fun factor of the podcast.

I felt that taking the conventional approach to colour schemes for this particular duo would not exude their enthusiasm effectively.
Portfolio. The Health Junkies. Colour Scheme. - Shan
Portfolio. The Health Junkies. Responsiveness. - Shan

User Experience


As with my other web designs, I made sure to have The Health Junkies’s be responsive across all devices. This involves playing around with the column content. In The Health Junkies’s web design, the podcast episodes are presented in 3 columns on desktop, 2 columns on tablet and 1 column on mobile.

On top of that, some elements on the desktop view had to be replaced or removed in order for the design to look equally good on mobile devices.


With the use of more colours, I made sure that each colour had been represented by different elements across all pages to ensure an overall consistent design.
Portfolio. The Health Junkies. Consistency. - Shan
Portfolio. The Health Junkies. Animations. - Shan


I also explored the use of animations in the web design for The Health Junkies. Red arrows were placed at areas that aimed to attract users’ attention.

For example, a red arrow will fade in near the “Subscribe” button when users scroll down the website to the “Subscribe to The Health Junkies Newsletter” portion. It draws their attention and encourages them to subscribe.

The Result

Portfolio. The Health Junkies. The Result. - Shan

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