The Local Scene

Overview of Project

This is a personal project to showcase my UI/UX design and web development skills. The Local Scene is a one-stop blog where Singaporeans can find all local artistes of different genres, get latest updates on their favourite bands and upcoming gigs. I wanted to create a go-to directory to search for artistes, especially underground artistes. I believe that is can be a platform for artistes to create greater awareness for themselves and build a tight community.


The Solution

Style Guide

The goal was to create a design that screams bold and creative. Purple is the primary colour and lime green is used to complement it to bring out the bold and creative personality of The Local Scene. Shrikhand typeface was chosen for the header texts to bring out the overall bold personality of the website. In contrast, Work Sans typeface was used for body text for easier reading.

News Page

One of The Local Scene’s main purpose is to bring greater awareness to our local artistes. A new page is necessary to keep people engaged, interested and excited about the latest news in the music scene.

Individual Artiste Page

To become a go-to directory for users to search for local artistes in Singapore, a dedicated page for each artiste is necessary. Think of it as a Wikipedia page but with more flair to it. On this page, users can find a short summary of the artiste, their genre of music, when they were established, some pictures of them in action, and latest music video if any.

Upcoming Gigs Page

The Local Scene would not be complete without a page that shares upcoming gigs of all local artistes. The Upcoming Gigs page provides information such as date, time and location of the gigs of each local artiste. When users click on the “Get Tickets” button, it will direct them to a third-party websites to make purchase/reservation.

The Result

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