Staying Motivated and Productive During the Pandemic

Staying Motivated and Productive During the Pandemic. - Shan

Are you having trouble with finding motivation to stay productive during this pandemic? The sudden change in our normal routine of going out without masks, having classes in school and working in the offices has definitely made it difficult for majority of us.


The “New Normal”


This “new normal” of studying and working from home may also seem challenging for some of us. For someone like me who needs a change in environment every now and then, not being able to study/work at cafes and some public areas due to the pandemic has greatly affected my motivation and productivity.

For 4 weeks into the circuit breaker our government implemented, I was terribly lost, confused and unmotivated. It was hard for me to adapt because I was so used to the freedom of choosing where to study/work at.

Finally, at the start of 5th week, something in me just told me that I had to stop wasting time, and get my sh*t together. It has already been a month and I have no excuse to laze around. I figured that I had to come up with some sort of a “plan” so I started watching vlogs and reading articles on how others are staying motivated and productive during this pandemic.

I thought it would be great to see what other people are doing, and I could try incorporating some of them into my routine. After watching, listening and reading what others have been doing, I decided maybe I should share mine too. Perhaps some of my tips could help you too!


5 Tips on How I Stay Motivated and Productive During the Pandemic


#1: Always Make A Plan


Staying Motivated and Productive During the Pandemic. Always Make a Plan. - Shan


This is something I’ve been sticking to diligently during this period of time. Its so easy to lose track of the tasks you want to complete without planning and writing them down.

It could be as simple as planning for the day, the week or even the month. Personally, I prefer planning for the week, just because I feel it’s more achievable but you do you! I usually take some time on Sundays to plan out the things I want to do for the new week. It gives me an overview of the things I want to complete, and make realistic to-do lists each day that week.

Ever since I started implementing this into my routine, I realized how much it has increased my productivity level and helped me stay on top of my work. Striking off the items I’ve achieved makes me feel so satisfied and motivated to continue doing so.

I find it extremely helpful to add in the small things like “make coffee”, “water the plants” or “drink water” when you’re just starting out with planning your day/week/month. Starting with small things really pave the way to complete greater ones. Trust me.


#2: Do Some Sort of Exercise/Outdoor Activity


Staying Motivated and Productive During the Pandemic. Do Some Sort of Exercise:Outdoor Activity. - Shan


I can’t emphasise enough how much exercising and/or engaging in outdoor activities has helped me stay motivated and productive during this pandemic. Whether it’s a 15 minutes or 1 hour work out, I always feel SUPER after sweating it out.

I guess its true what people say about endorphins– they really are the happy hormones that make you feel good after exercising. I try to incorporate exercise into my daily routine as much as possible just because I know the positive effects it brings me afterwards.

Exercising to me, is a stress reliever. Whenever I reach my breaking point, I know its time to relax my mind by smashing out a good work out. I always feel much more inspired and motivated to continue with whatever I was doing after exercising. You should try it too!


#3: Make Sure Your Workspace is Clean


Staying Motivated and Productive During the Pandemic. Make Sure Your Workspace is Clean. - Shan


I can’t be the only one who hates a messy workspace! An unkept workspace makes my mind extremely cluttered and distracts me from what I’m supposed to do.

Before starting my day, I always clear my desk so I can work with a fresh mind. A clean desk and fresh mind can definitely help you stay motivated and productive during this pandemic.

If you think the reason your mind has been all over the place is because of the mess on your desk, then its time to Marie Kondo it!


#4: Dress Up!


Staying Motivated and Productive During the Pandemic. Dress Up. - Shan


C’mon, tell me I’m not the only one who does this!

I know this might sound a little over the top but seriously! Dressing up has motivated me on days where my motivation level is at rock bottom. Somehow, it influences the way I think and act when I’m all dressed up. I feel more confident, motivated and definitely increases my productivity.

If you’re finding ways to stay motivated and productive during the pandemic, why not try dressing up for a day and see how it goes! There really isn’t any harm trying. Who knows, you might find that right outfit you can associate being productive with.

You’re welcome in advance!


#5: Be Kind to Yourself


Staying Motivated and Productive During the Pandemic. Be Kind to Yourself. - Shan


This is my last tip to staying motivated and productive during the pandemic. Be kind to yourself.

Often, we stress ourselves too much when we don’t complete the tasks on our to-do lists, or when we see others being much more productive than us. Don’t compare yourself to others! Don’t be too hard on yourself when you don’t finish what you’ve set out to do.

In the beginning, I was always harsh on myself as I compared myself to others. I was stressed over the fact that my friends were learning so much more than me, that they are able to produce work/content regularly.

It came to a point where I constantly felt unmotivated because I made it a competition. A competition that no one but I, am aware of.

Come to think of it now, it was really foolish of me to turn it into a competition. Afterall, everyone works at a different pace and I should only be comparing my present self with the old me.

Here is one of my favourite quotes from Haemin Sunim’s “Love for Imperfect Things”:

It’s okay not to be ranked

first, second, or even third.

Compare yourself not with others,

but with the old you.

Like yourself for making an honest effort.

And continue to have faith in yourself.

In this period of uncertainty, remember, be kind to yourself.


The Bottom Line


There are many tips and ways on staying motivated and productive during this pandemic. The 5 tips I’ve just shared are what I have been doing for quite a while, and they have truly helped me a lot.

If these tips are not extensive enough, I highly recommend watching vlogs and reading articles on what people all over the world are doing to keep themselves motivated and productive.

How are you staying motivated and productive during the pandemic? Share with me in the comments section below!

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