San Dao Chinese Studio

Overview of Project

San Dao Chinese Studio is by an ex-MOE teacher, Chen Lao Shi, who teaches Chinese Language, and is now providing Chinese tuition classes in Singapore. Besides helping students improve their command of Chinese language and results through holistic and bilingual approaches, he also strives to inspire their interest in Chinese language and culture. The goal was to create a professional and user-friendly website to show parents and students what he brings to the table.


The Solution

Style Guide

Chen Lao Shi already has a logo designed for his website, and wanted the website colours to be based on it too. I had free reign for the fonts and decided on Sansita One for header texts, and Muli for body text. The buttons also have a circular radius to them to make them look more friendly.

Classes Page

Chen Lao Shi wanted a page to show potential students and parents what his classes entail. The Classes page was separated into three distinct sections, providing information on the different aspects of the subject he will be focusing on throughout the classes.

Results Page

It was important for Chen Lao Shi to have a Results page to show parents the improvements his students made from his lessons. These are testimonies of his teachings and guidance.

Blog Page

Chen Lao Shi wanted to include a blog where he can share educational resources and any latest updates on the Chinese Language syllabus and examination format. Different article categories e.g. Resources, Education and News Bites were created and placed just before the articles on the page. This is such that students and parents can navigate and easily look for relevant topics according to the categories.

The Result

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